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18 Giu 2019 Giants-A’s game inadvertently turns into chairs match

The Giants rallied to tie the A’s with two outs in the ninth inning Saturday night on a play that left people making wrestling jokes.The setup: A’s right fielder Stephen Piscotty was chasing a base hit that had rolled into the Giants’ bullpen along the right field line when he ran into a chair being held by Giants reliever Mark Melancon. Piscotty appeared to stumble, and then he made a bad throw to home Kenny Lofton Jersey plate that allowed AlenHanson to score the tying run.Oakland argued unsucce sfully that Melancon interfered with Piscotty and Hanson should be placed on third base. A’S BULLPEN NEWS: Oakland acquires Mets closer Familia for prospects, cashA’s manager Bob Melvin knows the hazards the on-field ‘pens present.Melvin on Chair-gate: If it gets lodged in the wooden area, then it’s dead, but anything else is playable. It’s always been a little sketchy down there with the chairs being moved and guys sitting outside of that area. Dan Bernstein (@dan_bernstein_) July 22, 2018MLB Rule 6.01(d) spells out the decision:In case of unintentional interference with play by any person herein authorized to be on the playing field (except members of the team at bat who are participating in the game, or a base coach, any of whom interfere with a fielder Yonder Alonso Jersey attempting to field a batted or thrown ball; or an umpire) the ball is alive and in play. . . .As all that was going on, the internet was having Saturday Nitro flashbacks.Melancon to Piscotty pic.twitter.com/hCGGkCdN5D Dave (@gggiants) July 22, 2018Twitter acting like Melancon did this to Piscotty with that chair. pic.twitter.com/wyegYwqs2n Anthony Garcia https://www.indiansedge.com/cleveland-indians/michael-brantley-jersey (@SportsAnthony) July 22, 2018@LannyZeppelin @michaelbruntz Giants pitchers when Piscotty tries to field a ball in their bullpen. pic.twitter.com/NoM49LqTLg Adam B (@adamb_15) July 22, 2018The game later went to extra innings after the A’s failed to score in the bottom of the ninth.UPDATE: The A’s won 4-3 in 11 and then grabbed the microphone to celebrate.WE GOT HIT WITH A STEEL CHAIR, KICKED OUT AT 2, AND STILL WON THE DANG MATCH#RootedInOakland pic.twitter.com/XJdgj0BSda Oakland Athletics (@Athletics) July 22, 2018

13 Giu 2019 Questionario di gradimento a.s. 2018-19 Personale ATA

Al Personale ATA Oggetto: : Compilazione del questionario gradimento per l’a.s. 2018-19 Si invita il Personale ATA ad accedere al seguente link del questionario  per compilarlo entro il giorno 17/06/2019 link al Questionario

13 Giu 2019 Questionario di gradimento a.s. 2018-19 Personale Docente

Al Personale DOCENTE Oggetto: : Compilazione del questionario gradimento per l’a.s. 2018-19 Si invita il Personale DOCENTE ad accedere al seguente link del questionario  per compilarlo entro il giorno 17/06/2019 link al Questionario

9 Giu 2019 Indians first team to clinch division with 15-0 win over Tigers

The Indians are the first team to clinch their division https://www.athleticsedges.com/oakland-athletics/joe-morgan-jersey in MLB.With Cleveland’s 15-0win over the Tigers on Saturday, the Indians locked up the American League Central as they have a 15 1/2 game lead on the second-place Twins.Cleveland has an 83-65 record with 14 games left to play.The Indians are guaranteed to face the winner of the American League West in the first round of the playoffs. That will be either the Astros or the Athletics.Houston currently https://www.athleticsedges.com/oakland-athletics/catfish-hunter-jersey leads Oakland in the West by 2 1/2 games.Cleveland cannot finish with the best record in the American League because it is too far back to catch the Red Sox, who won their 101st game Friday against the Mets.Boston will face the winner of the wild-card game which will most likely be one of three teams: the Yankees, Athletics or Astros.The Mariners and the Rays are not mathematically eliminated https://www.athleticsedges.com/oakland-athletics/matt-joyce-jersey from the wild-card race yet, but both have 0.1 percent chance of making the playoffs, according to ESPN.

4 Giu 2019 Questionari di gradimento ALUNNI e GENITORI A.S. 2018-19

Agli ALUNNI Ai GENITORI Ai COORDINATORI DI CLASSE Al sito del Liceo Oggetto: : Compilazione del questionario gradimento per l’a.s. 2018-19 Si invitano gli alunni e i genitori ad accedere ai seguenti link del questionario  per compilarlo entro il giorno 16/06/2019: link al Questionario ALUNNI       link al Questionario GENITORI      

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